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On April 22nd, a new, ambitious event will officially launch in Kalamazoo: The Music Hop. The event is billed as similar to the city's Art Hop, but with musicians instead of artists. The event’s organizers say that one night every month, local musicians will perform in restaurants, museums and venues across the city, from the Old Peninsula to the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

"KALAMAZOO, MI — The Western Michigan University Symphony Orchestra placed third nationally in the 2015 American Prize competition's college/university orchestra division." (Kalamazoo Gazette)

Robbie Feinberg

On October 2nd, singer Dave Menzo will make his way to Kalamazoo and perform at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum as part of Art Hop. Before heading there, though, Menzo performed in the WMUK studios, showing off his guitar melodies that he loops and layers over and over again.

"The Official Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame Museum is permanently moving to Detroit. The traveling museum has exhibits on 68 R&B artists and producers such as The Temptations, James Brown, and Little Richard." (WDET)

Courtesy The Verve Pipe

Michigan band The Verve Pipe has had one of the most twist-filled music careers you could imagine. They started near Kalamazoo, playing in venues like Club Soda back in the late eighties. But then they hit it big with their single “The Freshman.” Soon they were selling out bigger places like the State Theatre for three or four nights in a row. But that was the peak. From there, they entered the kids circuit. But last year, the band went back to its roots with a new rock record, called “Overboard.” WMUK's Robbie Feinberg caught up with the band's singer, Brian Vander Ark, before they return to Kalamazoo on April 11th to play at Bell's Brewery at 8 p.m..