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A young minister and activist named Strick Strickland is the new president of the Metropolitan Kalamazoo Branch of the NAACP. It was the sudden death of veteran civil-rights leader Charles Warfield over the summer that put the 34-year-old Strickland in the top spot during a national presidential election year, and so Strickland says his tenure has begun handling voter suppression complaints on Election Day in November. On today's WestSouthwest public-affairs show, Strickland tells WMUK's Earlene McMichael that seven Kalamazoo County voters from the same polling site have come forward with allegations, which were forwarded to the Michigan NAACP State Conference for review. (Click the icon to hear about this and more.)

"KALAMAZOO, MI - A celebration of the life of Dr. Charles Warfield is to be held on June 17 at Miller Auditorium on the main campus of Western Michigan University. A Community Reflection Reception is to be held there from 4:30 to 6 p.m." (MLive/Kalamazoo Gazette)

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The President of Metropolitan Kalamazoo Branch of the NAACP says the shooting death of a teenager by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri can lead to more discussion of important issues. 

Front Row: Imara Bowers-Vocal Contemporary; Jasmine Small-Painting Second Row: Sariah Metcalfe-Poetry; Ray Reason-Short Story; Jamila McKenzie-Biology
Metropolitan Kalamazoo Branch of the NAACP

A while ago, Loy Norrix High School student Sariah Metcalfe was desperately trying to do her AP European History homework. But all of these thoughts kept getting in the way.

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Long-time civil rights activist Julian Bond will speak at Albion College on Thursday.