Ekabhishek, Wikimedia Commons

The director of the Michigan Butterfly Network says that butterflies can be an indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem. Ashley Wick says that’s why they are seeking citizen scientists to track butterflies in the Kalamazoo area and statewide. 

William H. Majoros, Wikimedia Commons

While the population of the bald eagle in Michigan is stable researchers are concerned about what they're finding in the birds. 

Go On A Sound Walk with WMU Soundscape Ecologists

Oct 2, 2014
Dr. Sharon Gill (far right) gives listeners some tips before the group sets out on the first soundwalk in June
Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy

There are so many sounds that we tune out every day. It could be car traffic, the TV in the other room, the hum of a light bulb.

Encore Magazine/Erik Holladay

Writer Tiffany Fitzgerald examined some of the work being done by "citizen scientists" in Southwest Michigan. 

Blaine Mosher stands in front of an old red oak on his farm
Nancy Camden

When a seed falls from a tree, what are the odds that it will take root and then grow for 300 years or more? Norm Bober in Van Buren County increases the possibility. As a teenager, when his family went to hunt for a Christmas tree, he brought pine cones home and planted the seeds. The next spring, they sprouted into pine trees.