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Wed October 2, 2013

West Michigan company will appeal "Obamacare" ruling

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Autocam president had argued requirement to provide birth control violates Catholic faith
GRAND RAPIDS, MI - Autocam Corp., which challenged "Obamacare" requirements that the company provide birth control and sterilization benefits to employees, filed notice on Wednesday, Oct. 2, that it would appeal after a federal judge tossed their lawsuit.
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Wed September 25, 2013

Policies on Michigan's health insurance exchange could cost less than other states

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An estimated 1.4-million uninsured or under insured state residents can buy policies on the exchange through the end of March
Michiganders shopping for insurance on the Michigan Health Insurance Marketplace beginning next Tuesday will spend less than much of the country, a possible result of competition drawn to the state exchange. In Michigan, the lowest prices for three categories of policies, called bronze, silver and gold, all came in lower than the national average, according to a federal analysis released today.
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Mon September 23, 2013

Court rejects West Michigan CEO's challenge of Affordable Care Act on religious gounds

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Autocam President claimed mandate to pay for birth control violated his religious rights
CINCINNATI, OHIO - The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against the owners of Autocam Corp. of Kentwood, in their challenge to the federal government's "Obamacare" requirements to provide birth control and sterilization benefit to his employees.
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Wed September 11, 2013

WestSouthwest: Preparing for the Affordable Care Act

Laura Miller of New Hampshire hopes to purchase insurance through a health care exchange
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Interview with Erin Knott

The group Enroll America wants people to be aware that changes are coming October first. 

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