(MPRN-Lansing) Michigan voters have soundly rejected Proposal One -- Governor Rick Snyder’s $2-billion dollar plan to fund road repairs without siphoning money from schools and local governments. The loss sends the governor and the Legislature back to the bargaining table because almost everyone still agrees the roads are bad. 

LANSING – Proposal 1, likely one of the most complicated and confusing questions ever placed on a Michigan ballot, was soundly rejected Tuesday, the Free Press projects, as many voters expressed anger at lawmakers and state government for failing to come up with a better solution to the sorry state of the roads. (Detroit Free Press)


(MPRN-Undated) A number of Republican presidential hopefuls are descending on Michigan. Three confirmed and likely candidates made stops across the state on Monday. 

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State Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein says he worked harder than other attorneys to do his job effectively. The Justice, who was born blind, says he also had to work hard to convince people he could do the job. 


Michigan voters go to the polls tomorrow to decide whether to raise the state’s sales tax and boost road funding.