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(MPRN-Lansing) Democratic and Republican candidates for state office want to increase transparency in Michigan’s government. 


Paul Clements says he wasn’t sure if he would run for Congress again this year. But the Western Michigan University Political Science Professor says he brings the “strongest package” for winning in the 6th Congressional District, and pushing an agenda in Congress to improve well-being of people in the district.

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(MPRN-Lansing) In the race for Michigan’s next governor, a Democrat crossed a significant hurdle Tuesday. Abdul El-Sayed was the first Democrat to file his signatures to get on the ballot. But there have been questions about whether El-Sayed is even eligible to run. 


George Franklin says a new tone and new direction are needed in Washington, and says he is someone who can make a difference in Congress. Franklin is one of six Democrats running in Southwest Michigan’s 6th Congressional district.

File photo of Recount of Kalamazoo County State Senate Race in 2014

Two state Senate races in Southwest Michigan are among those attracting large amounts of campaign contributions. One for a Republican primary and one for a general election rematch of the closest and most expensive state Senate race four years ago.