Portage city budget

Legacy costs
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Tue December 3, 2013

WestSouthwest: Bridge Magazine looks at "Michigan's Broken Legacy"

Portage is one of the few cities in the state with no unfunded retiree pension or health care liabilities - file photo
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WestSouthwest with Bridge Magazine Contributor Ted Roelofs

Unfunded debt to pay for pensions and retiree health care costs is one of the major contributors to Detroit's bankruptcy filing. Other cities in Michigan could face similar problems. 

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6:17 am
Wed April 10, 2013

Proposed budget for Portage includes slight tax drop, elimination of some parks and entertainment programs

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City Manager Maurice Evans calls it a conservative approach that maintains core services
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PORTAGE, MI - The proposed 2013-14 Portage city budget calls for a slight decrease in the average resident's tax bill, but also the discontinuation of some longtime parks and summer entertainment programs. Portage City Manager Maurice Evans presented a brief overview of the proposed city budget blueprint to the Portage City Council Tuesday night, calling it a "conservative approach" that still maintains the core services of police, fire and public works.