Portage City Manager

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

The Portage City Council will not take further action on a complaint brought by a city employee against Acting City Manager Laurence Shaffer. Shaffer is one of three finalists for the permanent city manager job. The complaint, which became public at a council meeting last night, alleges that Shaffer made an inappropriate remark to the employee at city hall a few weeks ago.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

The Portage City Council didn’t pick a permanent city manager when it met Tuesday evening, but it did narrow the candidate pool from five to three.

Interviews last week focused on taxes, economic development and intergovernmental cooperation

Interviews with candidates were completed on Thursday

The Portage City Council is set to consider five final candidates for its open city manager seat. Council members plan three interviews for Wednesday and two for Thursday.

The candidates include acting Portage manager Laurence Shaffer, as well as Sturgis city manager Michael Hughes. Two others, David Mackie and Paul Brake, are municipal officials in eastern Michigan. Mary Lou Brown is a city administrator in Nebraska.

Portage has not had a permanent city manager since Maurice Evans retired in April.