(MPRN-Lansing) Past and present public policies have a major impact on the disparities in child well-being in Michigan. That’s according to a report released Tuesday by the Michigan League for Public Policy. 


Apr 10, 2017
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Matt Lynn says many people are one crisis away from having to make a choice between buying medicine for a child, paying their rent or a utility bill. The Director of Community Impact for the United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region says those people fall into the category known as ALICE.


Michigan League for Public Police President Gilda Jacobs says there are a number of encouraging things in Governor Rick Snyder’s proposed budget. She says probably the most important one is upholding funding for Healthy Michigan Plan, which expands Medicaid

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As Michigan looks to move more low and moderate income people into the workforce, and close the achievement gap for their children, Bridge has examined the role of child care in both efforts.

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The CEO of the Michigan League for Public Policy says when lawmakers and Governor Rick Snyder approved a pilot program to test some welfare recipients for drugs, the created a “solution in search of a problem.”