The featured speaker for this year's ISAAC Banquet in Kalamazoo says the "Pittsburgh Promise" and similar programs create "wonderful opportunities." But the Reverend John C. Welch says challenges remain for poorer families to take full advantage of free college. 

Meeting was moved, no one was arrested

Last month, residents of Kalamazoo met for a discussion about race and equality at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Now the project has turned into an oral history exhibit called “Voices for Social Justice.” The display will be up through January 19th.

Western Michigan University

Last year, with the help of a Kellogg Grant for Racial Healing, more than 160 students, staff, and faculty at Western Michigan University were interviewed about race relations on campus. The result is a documentary theatre piece called Check Your Privilege, premiering this week.

Bill Boyce, The Associated Press

The President of Metropolitan Kalamazoo Branch of the NAACP says the shooting death of a teenager by a policeman in Ferguson, Missouri can lead to more discussion of important issues.