Henry Winter / Temple B'nai Israel

A desire to preserve Reform Judaism in Kalamazoo has kept Temple B’nai Israel going even during times when fewer people attended, and when money was tight. 

Kalamazoo College

The Amazon program Transparent has received much attention for its portrayal of a man transitioning to a woman. But University of Michigan Professor Jonathan Freedman says it also tells a story of Jewish identity.   


Rossograph, Wikimedia Commons

The Pew Research Center finds that more people in the United States finds that more people don’t have any religious affiliation. Pew Center Senior Researcher Jessica Hamar Martinez will discuss those findings Tuesday night at Kalamazoo College. 

"The controversial retired priest who is volunteering at St. Philip Catholic Church told parishioners that news media last week reported "misleading information" about him and "those who know me well would verify that I would not act in those ways suggested." (Battle Creek Enquirer)


(MPRN-Lansing) The Michigan Supreme Court will decide whether courts may step into resolve a dispute between dueling factions of a Baptist congregation without violating the separation of church and state.