Rick Snyder

"LANSING -- Gov. Rick Snyder's popularity and job approval numbers have plummeted as a result of the Flint drinking water catastrophe, with 69% of those surveyed saying the Republican governor has handled the crisis poorly." (Detroit Free Press)


(MPRN-Lansing) Governor Rick Snyder has cancelled plans to make a business development trip to the Middle East so he can remain in Michigan and focus on the Flint water crisis. 

(WUOM) Michigan’s Attorney General has tapped a former Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor to run the investigation into Flint’s drinking water crisis. 

Michigan Public Radio Network

(MPRN-Lansing) An attorney who’s suing the state over its handling of the Flint water crisis is after a wide array of electronic communications from state officials. 


(MPRN-Undated)  The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regional administrator is stepping down over the public health crisis in Flint. That comes as President Obama orders an inquiry into how the EPA handles information that could affect the public health.