Rick Snyder

6:22 am
Tue January 21, 2014

State lawmakers consider new regulations on scrap metal sales

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Governor Snyder briefly mentioned issue in last week's State of the State Address
Michigan lawmakers are scrapping to find a consensus to combat an epidemic of precious metals theft, a situation that frustrates law enforcement officials, victims and area recycling yards. At the center of the controversy is a behind-the-scenes battle over establishing more regulations and waiting periods before a scrap metal sale can be completed.
6:11 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Southwest Michigan lawmakers offer mixed reaction to State of State address

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Not surprisingly reaction divided along party lines
  • Source: Mlive
  • | Via: Kalamazoo Gazette
KALAMAZOO, MI - Gov. Rick Snyder spoke Thursday in his fourth-annual State of the State address of a Michigan that is on the rise, fueled by, among other things, job and income growth, investment in education and a budget surplus.
9:26 pm
Thu January 16, 2014

In State of State address Snyder offers plans to boost immigration and provide tax relief

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No specifics on taxes, but Snyder says state should "be smart" with projected surplus
LANSING, MI -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder delivered his fourth annual State of the State address Thursday, making the case that Michigan's economy and quality of life will continue to improve.
1:03 pm
Thu January 16, 2014

Democrats work to get message out ahead of State of the State address

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Gubernatorial candidate calls for investment in public education and increase in minimum wage
LANSING, MI -- Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Mark Schauer and a 'fake Rick Snyder' took a few jabs at the Michigan governor Thursday morning ahead of his annual State of the State address. Schauer, who served in the state Legislature before winning a term in the U.S.
11:01 am
Thu January 16, 2014

Snyder proposes $350-million for Detroit pensions, DIA collection

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Snyder met privately with lawmakers on Wednesday to pitch idea
LANSING, MI -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is interested in using state money to help shore up Detroit pensions and protect artwork from being sold to appease creditors during the city's ongoing bankruptcy case.