Rick Snyder

Melissa Benmark / WKAR

 (Lansing-MPRN) Governor Rick Snyder will present his budget proposal Wednesday, including plans to tackle a deficit. 

Snyder was admitted to Ann Arbor hospital on Thursday with swelling in his right leg

Michigan Public Radio Network

Governor Rick Snyder’s schedule has been cleared after he was suddenly admitted to a hospital in Ann Arbor today.

“He was admitted to the hospital and is currently receiving treatment for a blood clot in his leg, part of the lingering effect of his Achilles injury," says Snyder spokesperson Dave Murry. Governor Snyder is in good health and he is in very good hands.”

The governor has had to keep his leg largely immobile for several weeks since he tore a tendon.

Mike Lanka / WMU University Relations

More than 300 gay and lesbian couples in Michigan are legally married now that Governor Rick Snyder has decided not to contest a court order. 



Initial polling numbers don't look good and there was a shake up in the campaign to approve the ballot measure to raise the state sales tax.