5 Things You Need To Know About the Highland Games

Aug 21, 2014
Michigan Highlanders practice for the highland games at Hughes Park in Hudsonville
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

On Saturday athletes from all over Michigan will come to the Kalamazoo Scottish Festival to participate in the Highland Games. For seven West Michigan sportsmen, the event is a warm up for the Scottish Masters World Championship in September held in Inverness, Scotland.

Apprentice students doing Highland dances at the Bullard School of Dance
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

...Well, you remember the famous Saturday Night Live skit with Mike Meyers.  

This weekend you can celebrate what it means to be Scottish at the Celtic Ceilidh in Kalamazoo. The Ceilidh will take place Saturday at 4:30 at the Kalamazoo Ballet’s Bullard School of Dance on South Street.