seita scholars

Earlene McMichael | WMUK

Did you know that most foster youth are released from their state's care at age 18? Research shows they become vulnerable to homelessness, and few pursue college. Western Michigan University is changing that. Nearly 10 years ago, it founded the award-winning Seita Scholars Program that's led to 99 students who aged out of the system earning their degrees. This spring, officials say, their 100th is expected to graduate. 

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University’s Seita Scholars program has a new director. Ronicka Hamilton will take over the program helping students who were foster kids next month. 

The Boys and Girls Club of Kalamazoo has announced a new executive director will take over in February. Chris Harris-Wimsatt is currently director of Western Michigan University’s Sieta-Scholars Program. 

WMU's efforts include Seita Scholars Program which supports 160 former foster care students annually