sexual harassment

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Gongwer Staff Writer Alethia Kasben says most people covering the state Capitol have heard anecdotal evidence of sexually inappropriate comments. That led her to the story of what female lawmakers and staff members hear.

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Western Michigan University Communication Professor Keith Hearit says a good public apology acknowledges wrongdoing, includes steps to make sure the transgression doesn’t happen again, and a penance such as paying restitution. But he says most apologies from public figures, corporations and institutions are ineffective.

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Former U.S. Senator Carl Levin says Democrats can win the Congressional seat in Southwest Michigan because the public wants changes in the House.

Capitol Hill - file photo
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(MPRN-Lansing) Congressman John Conyers will face an ethics investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and using taxpayer money to cover it up. 

Earlene McMichael, WMUK

On New Year's Day on Morning Edition and All Things Considered, WMUK continued its review of 2015 by re-airing Earlene McMichael's interview with Anita Hill. (Press now to listen.) Hill helped spur changes in thinking and laws about workplace sexual harassment with her nationally-televised testimony against her former boss Clarence Thomas during his U.S. Supreme Court judgeship hearings in the '90s. McMichael interviewed Hill  on the same night she spoke in Kalamazoo, Mich., on April 13.