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1:11 pm
Mon May 5, 2014

House Bill Could Allow Toll Roads

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Sponsor says she's hoping for other types of public-private partnerships
LANSING, MI -- Michigan could partner with private companies to operate and charge tolls on new highways or added lanes under a House Bill that has raised eyebrows in the ongoing debate over long-term road funding options.
12:02 pm
Fri May 2, 2014

Advocates Call For Funding Public Transit in Addition to Roads

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Michigan lawmakers are considering a package to boost road funding
LANSING, MI -- Public transit advocates are urging Michigan lawmakers to look beyond roads and bridges as they debate long-term plans to increase annual infrastructure funding. "With vehicle miles traveled down for the ninth straight year, public transit is increasing it's importance in the Michigan transportation system," Chris Kolb, a former state lawmaker who now heads the Michigan Environmental Council, said Thursday in testimony before the House Transportation Committee.
10:35 am
Thu May 1, 2014

Coalition of Businesses Urges Ban on Discrimination Against Gay People

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Lawmakers are considering a revision of the state's Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act
LANSING - Ten employers in Michigan have teamed up to push lawmakers to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the state's civil rights protections. Michigan's Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act of 1976 prohibits discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, height, weight, familial status, or marital status, but not sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.
9:02 pm
Wed April 30, 2014

Vote on Michigan Teacher Evaluation Bills Delayed

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Lawmakers say federal waiver is not "at risk"
LANSING -- An anticipated vote on legislation making serious changes to Michigan's teacher evaluation system failed to materialize Wednesday, with several lawmakers incensed by an email from a group supporting the bill that demanded an immediate vote. The House Education Committee was expected to vote on a bipartisan bill package recommended by the Michigan Council on Educator Effectiveness.
7:30 am
Tue April 29, 2014

Appeals Court Denies Request for Full Review of Same-Sex Marriage Case

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Attorney General Bill Schuette had asked for full panel of judges to hear case, rather than a three judge panel
The U.S. Appeals Court for the Sixth Circuit has denied Attorney General Bill Schuette's motion to have a full bench hear his appeal in Michigan's landmark gay marriage case. Schuette had petitioned for an "en banc" -which means full bench- instead of the standard 3-judge panel, but the court determined Monday evening that no judge "favored" the suggestion and denied the petition.