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6:37 pm
Sun April 13, 2014

ACLU Plans Lawsuit to Seek Recognition of Same-Sex Marriages in Michigan Last Month

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Hundreds of couples were married in four Michigan counties March 22nd
LANSING, MI -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan is expected to sue the state in an attempt to win recognition and benefits for some 300 same-sex couples issued marriage certificates last month. The ACLU is scheduled to announce a lawsuit Monday afternoon at its headquarters in Detroit, according to an advisory.
1:21 pm
Fri April 11, 2014

Judge Approves Settlement in Detroit Bankruptcy

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Judge Steven Rhodes parties for public negotiations
Judge Steven Rhodes today approved a settlement between Detroit and two global banks over a disastrous financial bet engineered by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's administration. Rhodes - who had rejected two previous settlements as too generous for UBS and Bank of America - ruled that the city can pay $85 million to eliminate the disastrous pension debt interest-rate transaction known as "swaps."
7:32 pm
Thu April 10, 2014

Governor Snyder Signs Bills to Crack Down on Metal Theft

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Provisions are designed to discourage quick-fixes for criminals, and provide a paper trail for investigations
LANSING, MI -- Michigan law enforcement officers and prosecutors will have new tools to fight metal thieves under bipartisan legislation signed into law Thursday by Gov. Rick Snyder. The new law, years in the making, caps direct cash transactions for metal at $25 and requires scrap yards to mail payments to an address provided by the seller of commonly stolen items: catalytic converters, air conditioners and copper wiring.
9:56 pm
Sun April 6, 2014

Calhoun County Officials to Consider Road Funding Options

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County board will meet April 22nd to find solutions on road funding and repair
County officials said every option is on the table as they discuss later this month ways to increase funding for road improvements. "I don't know what I favor," Calhoun County Commissioner Steve Frisbie said Friday, "whether it's county-wide, township-wide (millages) or 'Hang on, let the state flesh this all out.'
7:51 pm
Thu April 3, 2014

Kalamazoo Area Roads Get Extra State Money

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The biggest share goes to Kalamazoo County while other grants will help the cities of Kalamazoo and Portage as well as seven villages.
KALAMAZOO, MI - After a winter that stretched the budgets of road agencies throughout the state, Kalamazoo County municipalities received $1.4 million as part of a $60.9 million state allocation distributed Thursday to Michigan counties, cities and villages.