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KALAMAZOO, MI -- As Kalamazoo-area high schools gear up to administer the Michigan Merit Exam this week, frustrated educators say changes in state assessment testings are creating maximum headaches for minimal gain in measuring student progress. This year, Michigan students are taking new tests, in new formats at a different time of year -- and another set of changes will be introduced in 2015-16.

While Gov. Rick Snyder famously campaigned against the government picking winners and losers, the state's economic development agency during his first term made a clear bet on one segment of the Michigan economy: manufacturing. Despite the Snyder administration's evolving economic development strategy, its focus on providing incentives to manufacturing companies looking to grow or expand in the state has remained constant.


State Representative Aaron Miller says he can support a tax increase as part of a comprehensive package for road funding. But he says lawmakers and the Snyder administration can do better than the plan which includes an increase in the state sales tax. 


(Lansing-MPRN) Concealed weapons bills similar to ones Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed last month are one step closer to heading back to his desk. The state House approved legislation on Tuesday that would overhaul the way Michigan approves concealed pistol licenses. 

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(MPRN-Lansing) There’s a new fight underway at the state Capitol over Michigan’s tax credit for film, TV, and digital video projects. And some advocates for the subsidy say the debate itself is harming efforts to create a thriving Michigan movie and video entertainment business.