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Bridge recently named 54 Academic State Champs in Michigan. Computer Assisted Reporting Specialist Mike Wilkinson joined WMUK's Gordon Evans for WestSouthwest to explain how the schools were selected, and how Kalamazoo's high schools stack up. 

Unusual winter weather means different things to growers in West Michigan.  The state looks at toxic vapors. The K-Wings and WMU Baseball got wins on Sunday. 

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(WDET) The U.S. Supreme Court plans to hear a case next week involving a Michigan man’s deportation to Mexico. Juan Esquivel Quintana was convicted of a crime in California but under Michigan law he would not have done anything illegal.

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(MPRN-Lansing) Some state lawmakers want to offer tax incentives to developers who build on blighted land. 

Ballast Regulations Split Environmentalists, Shippers

21 hours ago
File photo of the South Haven lighthouse

New York State’s attorney general is the latest to speak out against legislation he says would weaken environmental protections across the country.