Governor Rick Snyder - file photo
Mike Lanka / WMU University Relations

(MPRN-Undated) It’s been a year since Governor Rick Snyder called for a “pause” in re-settling refugees from the Middle East in Michigan. Before that, Snyder described himself as the nation’s most pro-immigration governor. 

courtesy of the DIO Trio

Syria has been in the news since war broke out there roughly five years ago. While the conflict was once a distant thought in many Americans’ minds, the reality of the war is sinking in as Syrians seek asylum in the United States. Last month, 12 refugee families relocated to Kalamazoo. Unfortunately for some Americans, the war is all they know of Syria, but members of the Syrian-American group the DIO Trio hope to change that.

"The Syrian civil engineer whose story of escaping his war-torn homeland to resettle in Michigan caught the attention of President Barack Obama will be a special guest of the president during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, the White House announced Sunday." (Detroit News)

Governor Ricky Snyder wants the Council of Governors to review security procedures for processing refugees to make sure Michigan citizens are being protected. The council makes recommendations to the federal government on matters of security and homeland defense. Earlier this month, Snyder asked for a pause on refugee immigration in light of the terrorist attacks in Paris. (MLive)


(MPRN-Detroit) Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says the city is ready to take 150 Syrian refugee families over three years.