Robbie Feinberg

We all know the story by now -- more than ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Levees broke, the government didn’t respond fast enough, and the storm left nearly 2,000 dead. The theatre ensemble UNIVERSES spent time in New Orleans following the disaster, talking with families and transforming the essence of those stories into a musical production called Ameriville.

UNIVERSES has collaborated with Western Michigan University theatre students on a version of Ameriville, premiering October 9th at 7:30 p.m.

Western Michigan University Dept. of Theatre

This weekend Western Michigan University will premiere Activate Midwest—a new play festival for new plays—not to be confused with the Theatre Kalamazoo New Play Festival that happens every year, this fest focuses on full length works and draws playwrights from all over the Midwest, not just Kalamazoo.

A scene from She Rises by Cara Beth Heath
Queer Theatre Kalamazoo

It’s not hard to find a production of Our Town or Death of a Salesman in Southwest Michigan if you wait long enough, but new plays are a different story. For the second weekend in a row, Queer Theatre Kalamazoo will continue its run of two fresh plays from Western Michigan University theatre students.


Robbie Feinberg

Southwest Michigan has a large theatre scene, but if you want to find underground or experimental theatre, the options aren’t so plentiful. Western Michigan student Nicolas Thornton is trying to change that. On April 10th, his Metallic Mannequin theatre company will premiere “Maundy,” a performance that’s not quite a play but not a dance, either.

A scene from 'Jack Pork' by Donna Hoke. From left to right: Katrina Beedle, Dan Lafferty, and Ben Hooper
Queer Theatre Kalamazoo

CORRECTION: The original story said Edith Fisher was a playwright. She is actually a poet, not a playwright.  

Fancy Pants Theater and Queer Theatre Kalamazoo have teamed up for #LadyFest—a show featuring short plays, monologues, and a few poems—all under the themes of gender equality and femininity.