unemployment benefits

4:48 pm
Fri December 13, 2013

45,000 Michiganders will not get emergency unemployment

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House Republicans adjourned for the holidays yesterday without passing an extension of Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Since 2009, the program has been extended 13 times.
WASHINGTON - Some 45,000 Michiganders currently receiving unemployment checks through a federal program will lose them on the last week of December, with the U.S. House leaving town without making another extension. Democrats in Congress - U.S. Rep.
1:20 pm
Thu November 7, 2013

Democrats say 130,000 in Michigan will lose unemployment benefits without extension

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Republicans argue program costs too much
Nearly 44,000 people in Michigan will lose unemployment benefits in late December if Congress doesnt extend emergency benefits, while another 86,500 people in Michigan would lose benefits by June 2014, according to a Thursday report. The House Ways and Means Committees Democrats said an estimated 1.3 million Americans nationwide will lose benefits the week of Dec.