Kevin Lavery, WKAR

(MPRN-Lansing) Michigan veterans would be eligible for grants to help them earn a degree in science, technology, engineering, or math under a new bipartisan bill in the state House. 

Bob Psalmond's art at Kellogg Community College's library
Kellogg Community College

Five years ago, Kellogg Community College noticed that a large number of veterans were enrolled in its classes. So it started a writing project to help bring those veterans together.


Benjamin Busch has written about veterans issues in his memoir Dust to Dust and in publications such as Harper’s. 

Flight Honors Michigan WW2 Veterans

Nov 6, 2015
Jerry Malec

The Veterans Administration estimates that we lose about 500 veterans of World War Two every day. Many die without visiting the National World War Two Memorial in Washington D.C. Because of this the Honor Flight Network is on a mission. It’s trying to get as many Second World War vets to the nation’s capital as possible to visit the memorial built in their honor. This fall, it flew 83 veterans to Washington from southern Michigan free of charge and I went along with them.


(MPRN-Undated) A federal appeals court says a military reservist deserves for a jury to hear his case against the village of Vicksburg.