Residents advised to boil water for 20 minutes before consumption or food preparation

Ken Schippers was appointed acting manager last year

Courtesy of Vicksburg Old Car Festival

34 years ago, Skip Knowles decided it was high time to drive some attention to his adopted home of Vicksburg. And I do mean "drive."

"I've always had old cars and attended shows, and you know Vicksburg's kind of a unique little town that's not on the way to anywhere," says Knowles. "I decided we needed something to bring people to town to see what we had down there. So I thought, ’Well we’ll do a car show.’"

Kalamazoo and Portage have also asked water customers to keep a stream of water going to prevent pipes from freezing

Erin Williams

Traditionally, quilts can be found draped across beds or chairs, or as historical and artistic markers that are framed and hung in museums.

But in Vicksburg, a small village just south of Kalamazoo, 24 colorful plywood quilts hang proudly on sides of barns and buildings for all to see.