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Western Esports Center Draws Fans As Well As Critics

Mar 28, 2018

Sports are synonymous with America, and when you think of sports the first thing that may come to mind is football or baseball. But a new sport is growing in America — Esports — and Western is planning to use $500,000 dollars to turn the Little Theater into a brand new Esports Arena. 

Courtesy Heather Stratton

For a lot of people, video games mean Mario. Donkey Kong. A hero in a first-person-shooter or fantasy land trying to save the day. But as technology has improved, independent game designers have created immersive games that don’t even have characters, let alone heroes. Starting May 8th, the Art Center of Battle Creek will be featuring a few of those new games, plus a few classics, as part of its exhibit called “The Art of the Video Game.”

Erica Holcomb

Periareion. It’s an astronomical term meaning “the closest approach to Mars.” It’s also a computer game where users try to establish a realistic virtual colony on the red planet.

A scene from the game Lilly Looking Through
Geeta Games

Many kids, and some adults, dream of making video games for a living. But very few of us know what it takes to create these little worlds.

On Saturday, the Kalamazoo Valley Museum will host a Gaming and Animation Festival where anyone can be an animator for a day.