Village of Richland

Tom Arthur/Wikicommons

Voters in various parts of Michigan have had the chance to dissolve a village before, but have never taken the final step. 

Richland could become the first village to dis-incorporate if voters in the village and township approve a ballot proposal on May third. It would require a two-thirds vote. The President of the Citizens Research Council of Michigan Eric Lupher joined WMUK’s Gordon Evans to explain how villages work, and what happens if they are dissolved.

Kathy Noble / Daughters of the American Revolution

At least two Revolutionary War soldiers are buried in Kalamazoo County. Daniel Wilson is one of them; you can see his grave in Yorkville. But the marker doesn’t mention his role in the war.

Jeff Heppler, who is also on the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners, says a highway safety grant from the state means he can't serve in both positions

Jeff Heppler also serves on the Kalamazoo County Board of Commissioners. He says pursuing a state highway safety grant would present a conflict of interest