Waterfront Film Festival

When it launched back in 1999, most people would not have guessed the Waterfront Film Festival would have survived more than a few years. Without a doubt, it was ambitious: Who starts a film festival in Saugatuck, a town without a single movie theater?

Festival was in Saugatuck until moving to South Haven for this year's festival

Much of South Haven lost electricity after severe storms late Wednesday. But Film Festival organizers say they'll use generators to power the opening night activities, if necessary.

It’s the question the world has been asking for more than 20 years: What was it really like to work with Vanilla Ice on his ill-fated Cool as Ice movie? Actress Kristin Minter will tell all as part of this year’s Waterfront Film Festival, which kicks off Thursday evening in downtown South Haven.

Waterfront Film Festival in South Haven for first time after 14 years in Saugatuck