Western Michigan University

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Western Michigan University invests very little of its money in fossil fuel companies. That’s the finding of a panel that has studied the environmental impact of the university’s investments.

The committee's report was one of several items the Board of Trustees considered on Thursday.

The panel says that while the university owns no stock in fossil fuel companies, a small amount of the cash the university puts in investment funds does go to unsustainable energy. But faculty member Tom Edmonds, who serves on the panel, says it found the amount was less than one percent of Western’s operating cash.

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Having three generations in the same workplace can present challenges. The speaker for this year’s “Respecting Differences” program in Kalamazoo says those can be overcome and make a company stronger.


Western Michigan University President John Dunn says the university could have done better informing students during a February 20th shooting in Kalamazoo. 

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Continuous improvement is the goal of a five-year “road map” approved by Western Michigan University’s trustees on Wednesday. The plan covers points from bolstering Western’s doctoral programs to keeping the public posted on the university’s progress on sustainability.

It’s an update to a long-term strategy the university laid out several years ago.Western says the new version makes it easier to measure progress on its goals, as it includes objectives the university can use as yardsticks.

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Anthropology students at Western Michigan University say they fear for the future of their department, though administrators say they intend to maintain the program.

Students spoke Wednesday at a Board of Trustees meeting about what many of them see as a snowballing list of faculty departures, and said they’d heard rumors that the department would close. Graduate student and teaching assistant Deirdre Courtney says the situation has affected students’ morale.