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According to a recent state survey, only eighteen percent of those with developmental disabilities in Michigan are employed. Others tend to end up with piecemeal jobs that pay below the minimum wage. The Arc Community Advocates group is hosting an Inclusion Conference on Monday, April 20th at Western Michigan University to spotlight the issue. The conference will specifically focus on the transition from school to work for those with disabilities. WMUK’s Robbie Feinberg spoke with Arc Executive Director Ellen Stone to learn more. 

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An Indiana University instructor says while members of the Islamic State, or ISIS, are very disciplined, they aren't capable to carrying out their plans right now. 

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Activists, residents and students rallied on the outskirts of Colony Farm Orchard Friday afternoon -- there to protest the planned development of 44 acres of the orchard by Western Michigan University as an expansion of its Business Technology and Research Park. 


Correction: An earlier version of this story misidentified the spokesperson for Save Old Colony Farm Orchard. His name is Douglas Keto, not Steve Keto

Western Michigan University President John Dunn says the Mid-American Conference has taken a strong stand by refusing to hold future events in Indiana following that state's approval of a new "religious freedom" law. 

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For the past thirteen years, Western Michigan University’s Francophone Film Festival gave a peek inside the world of French-speaking cinema. But this year, the festival is taking on a new name and broadening its scope even farther. The newly named World Languages Film Festival will bring in a whole weekend’s worth of films this year in languages like Arabic, Chinese and German, all on top of six more in French.