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The Chief Operating Officer of the United Way for the Greater Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region says a public-private partnership is a long-term effort to improve education. Chris Sargent says United4Change will require constant evaluation, making changes to the program and employing best practices. 

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On WestSouthwest the politics of finding money for roads and  the drama of a possible takeover in the pharmaceutical industry. 

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MiBiz Senior Writer Mark Sanchez says moves and counter moves in an effort to take over Perrigo are likely to continue over the summer. 

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Western Michigan University Political Science Professor Peter Wielhouwer says compromise is the nature of politics. But he says Republicans who have made a commitment not to raise taxes are "in a box" on the issue of road funding. 

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On WestSouthwest the rare opportunity to study an earthquake in Michigan. And examining how Great Lakes issues fit into the 2016 Presidential campaign.