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Western Michigan University Professor Sue Ellen Christian says her conversations with Encore Editor Marie Lee about students contributing to the magazine turned into a “takeover” of the May edition.


On WestSouthwest, the Stand Against Racism in Kalamazoo. And Reinhold Niebuhr's life, writing and influence is explored at Kalamazoo College. 

Kalamazoo residents Erum and Seema Shah rallying for immigrant and Muslim rights at Bronson Park - file photo
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The Director of Training and Community Impact for the YWCA of Kalamazoo, Sherry Brockoway, says the conversation about race is alive and well in Kalamazoo, and it’s important to keep it going.

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Jeremy Sabella says the philosopher Reinhold Niebuhr is one of the few figures that liberals and conservatives both want to claim as one of their own.


On WestSouthwest, what are the rules for questioning a criminal suspect? And the debate over Michigan's budget with the backdrop of next year's campaign for governor.