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Western Michigan University Athletic Director Kathy Beauregard says last football season was “a dream come true” for the Broncos, but she says the dream doesn’t stop. 


On WestSouthwest, the former director of an organization dedicated to helping non-profit groups in Kalamazoo. And the latest interview responding to our audience questions and comments about Islam. 

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Leenah Safi says part of Islam’s worldview is that women have to be held in high esteem. She says all religions aim for an ideal, but often fall short.

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Correction: In the introduction to the interview WMUK's Gordon Evans incorrectly stated that Thom Andrews was the first director of ONEplace. Andrews succeeded Bobbe Luce who was the organization's first director. 

The former Director of ONEplace says the group was launched in 2009 because almost everyone in a community is impacted by a non-profit organization.


On WestSouthwest, a Kalamazoo area teacher who wrote recently on childhood anxiety, And a Mackinac Center analyst says Michigan should be happy it didn't win the economic development battle to land a Foxconn plant.