Monday's edition of WestSouthwest features rebroadcasts of two recent interviews. A look at Michigan's road funding package and next month's special election. Also NPR Ted Radio Hour Host Guy Raz. 


Maarten Vonhof / Western Michigan University

We revisit two earlier interviews on WestSouthwest. A Western Michigan University researcher looking into why so many bats are dying from White Nose Syndrome. And asking if Kalamazoo's craft beer industry can keep growing. 


Western Michigan University

On this edition of WestSouthwest, the "Insider" who exposed the secrets of the tobacco industry. And growing demand has Ministry with Community planning for a new home.


Ministry with Community

Ministry with Community has been operating a day time shelter at its current location on Church Street in Kalamazoo for 30 years. But growing demand for their services  has created the need for a new building. 

Wikimedia Commons

Jeffrey Wigand says it's not easy to come forward and share information that powerful people want to keep secret. But he says many people supported him after he revealed damaging details about the tobacco industry. Wigand says despite death threats and upheaval in his family life, he would do it again.