Kalamazoo Bicycle Club President Renee Mitchell says hearing the news that five bicyclists had been killed and another four injured on Tuesday was “heartbreaking.” 

Mike Klug shows off one of the native plants in his yard
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

On WestSouthwest, concerns about what the loss of soil means for the world supply. And campaign finance records indicate an expensive race for state House. 

Melissa Benmark / WKAR

Fundraising by Political Action Committees in Michigan is on a record-setting pace for a Presidential election year. That could mean very expensive races for state House this fall. 

Retired MSU microbial ecologist Mike Klug scoops up a hand full of soil from his compost.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

How can we make sure everyone on Earth has enough to eat? It’s a question scientists have been pondering since the world population topped seven billion in 2011. It’s expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050. 

Temple B'nai Israel

On WestSouthwest, we examine the laws surrounding mental capacity in the criminal justice system.   And Kalamazoo's Temple B'nai Israel celebrates it's 150th anniversary.