On WestSouthwest, a report on the sexually charged comments heard by female lawmakers and staff members at the state Capitol. And a public relations professional tells us how Michigan State University, or any institution facing a crisis, should respond. 

State Capitol - file photo
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Gongwer Staff Writer Alethia Kasben says most people covering the state Capitol have heard anecdotal evidence of sexually inappropriate comments. That led her to the story of what female lawmakers and staff members hear.

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Rick Chambers despises the word spin, and wants to remove the word from Public relations vocabulary.


On WestSouthwest, a discussion about the cost of war, the money spent on weapons for the United States military, and sold to other countries. And a rebroadcast of an interview from last year with Kalamazoo Public Library Director Ryan Wieber. 

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Presidents will say “The state of the union is strong” at some point during their address to Congress. Bill Hartung says the state of the “military industrial complex” is strong as well.