Paul Clements says he wasn’t sure if he would run for Congress again this year. But the Western Michigan University Political Science Professor says he brings the “strongest package” for winning in the 6th Congressional District, and pushing an agenda in Congress to improve well-being of people in the district.

Terry Renna / The Associated Press

Kalamazoo Central High School senior Jenna Bowker says she and other students never felt their voices would be heard regarding guns, she says after a shooting at a high school in Florida, they decided to make sure they were heard.


Kalamazoo City Manager Jim Ritsema says his recommendation to remove the Fountain of the Pioneers from Bronson Park fits in with other efforts at the city. His plan calls for removing the fountain sometime this year, and turning the area to green space.

Courtesy photo | Steven Loring

The Portage Senior Center launched speed dating last summer for people 50 and older. It got the idea from a documentary about older adults who reduced their loneliness that way. Now the center brings the director of the "The Age of Love" film, Steven Loring, to the Kalamazoo area on Monday, March 5 for a free screening of his movie. (Click icon to listen now to an interview with Loring airing Monday on WMUK 102.1 FM at 9:30 a.m. on WestSouthwest, with a 3:30 p.m. rebroadcast).


Pat Lynn says history can’t be changed but she says removing the sculpture from the Fountain of the Pioneers in Kalamazoo’s Bronson Park would help heal from racism. (The story has been updated, see below)