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How colleges handle their student sexual assault complaints have been under scrutiny nationally. What's Western Michigan University's procedure? Find out from Felicia Crawford, the university's Title IX director, today on WMUK's WestSouthwest public-affairs show. Changes were made last year at Western to the way sexual assault complaints are investigated when it updated its sexual misconduct policy. One big change is victims no longer have to face their alleged attackers at a hearing panel. Now they meet privately with a staff member. (Press icon below to hear the show. For the full interview, see the audio at the end of this post.)

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A French Jewish woman who gathered critical intelligence in Germany in the last months of World War II will speak about her experiences at Western Michigan University Thursday.

Marthe Cohn was 24 when she became a spy for the French army at the end of 1944. Her family found ways to fight the German occupation from the beginning. One of her sisters and Cohn’s fiancé paid for their resistance with their lives.


On WestSouthwest, we sit down with Western Michigan University President John Dunn. And Battle Creek Enquirer reporter Safiya Merchant discusses a critical juncture for Battle Creek Schools. 



Battle Creek Public Schools faces a crossroads in the face of declining enrollment and tight finances. Battle Creek Enquirer education reporter Safiya Merchant says district officials are trying to find a solution. 


Western Michigan University President John Dunn says the university could have done better informing students during a February 20th shooting in Kalamazoo.