Captain David Boysen says the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety knew that some of its strategies to reduce gun violence weren’t working, so they were willing to consider something new.

Earlene McMichael / WMUK

On WestSouthwest, a look at dating for seniors. 

Earlene McMichael | WMUK

Having a strong social network has a positive effect on the health of senior citizens. But here's the thing: Finding a partner and friends can be tougher for older adults. 


On WestSouthwest, the city of Kalamazoo's master plan is available for public review. And assessing the already crowded fields for U.S. House in Southwest Michigan as well as U.S. Senate.

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Western Michigan University Political Science Professor John Clark says the “Trump phenomenon” shows that people without a traditional resume can run against the establishment even of their own party and still win.