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Alicia Guevara Warren says the budget reflects what’s important in the state. Guevara Warren, the Kids Count in Michigan Project Director for the Michigan League for Public Policy, says Michigan’s leaders have to decide what those priorities are.

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Western Michigan University Communication Professor Keith Hearit says a good public apology acknowledges wrongdoing, includes steps to make sure the transgression doesn’t happen again, and a penance such as paying restitution. But he says most apologies from public figures, corporations and institutions are ineffective.


On WestSouthwest, we shed some more light on the "dark store" theory. And the Citizens Research Council of Michigan examines whether the state is ready for the next recession. 

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Citizens Research Council of Michigan President Eric Lupher says there’s always a strong constituency for cutting taxes, and for spending more on services such as schools, corrections, and health care. But he says there’s not a constituency for putting money into the “rainy day fund,” to prepare for the next economic downturn.

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The “Dark store theory” may be a misnomer, but its impact is felt by local governments. A recent court ruling may impact how the tax appeals are determined in the future.