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Robert Weir was “a little too young” to participate in the civil rights movement. Since he grew up in a rural, all-white area in Michigan, he didn’t know much about the movement until Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated. Weir has since written about civil rights, and recently joined a pilgrimage to key sites in three southern states. The Living Legacy Pilgrimage is a bus tour through Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama.


On WestSouthwest, what is fake news? Is it new? What should you watch for? And the Michigan Campaign Finance Network examines the most expensive state House races in 2016. 

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More than $1-million was raised and spent in seven state House races last year. Three of those were in Southwest Michigan. Michigan Campaign Finance Network Director says it’s part of the growing amount of money in state elections.

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Fake news isn’t new. Western Michigan University Journalism Professor Sue Ellen Christian says it has existed “since the printing press.” But she says news, real or fake, is now highly shareable.

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On WestSouthwest, the future of charter schools under a new Education Secretary. And Michigan's budget, tax proposals and infrastructure spending.