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Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School Professor Tonya Krause-Phelan says it’s not uncommon for someone to plead insanity. But she says it’s rare for a jury return a verdict of “not guilty by reason of insanity.” 

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On Memorial Day we hear a long cut of our March interview with Marthe Cohn, who went to Germany to spy for the French army in the last months of World War II. She was 24 when she began her assignment. As a cover, Cohn pretended to be a German nurse in search of her missing fiancé. One of the things Cohn had to conceal from the Germans is that she's Jewish.

Our original story on Cohn includes a transcript of the full interview.

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On WestSouthwest, a Kalamazoo doctor has written a new e-book on the history of health care. And remembering an auto racing star from Coldwater 20 years after his death. 

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Battle Creek Enquirer Sports Columnist Bill Broderick says the death of race car driver and Coldwater native Scott Brayton is a story that sticks with him 20 years later. 


Kalamazoo doctor Ken Fisher says he wrote a new book about the history of health care, in part, because he wants to show how difficult it is to change ideas.