Gary Wilson

Great Lakes Echo commentator Gary Wilson says whether or not you agree with the decision to allow Waukesha, Wisconsin to withdraw water from Lake Michigan, the process had validity. 

Kristina Mollenhauer

Retired educator Erik Mollenhauer says we face an "extinction of experience." Sitting indoors all day, online and playing with our mobile phones, Mollenhauer says we're losing a critical connection to the natural world. He'll speak about the issue in South Haven on Tuesday, June 28.


An encore presentation of a WestSouthwest on the Kalamazoo Promise and the "bang for the buck" of scholarship programs. 


On WestSouthwest, we sit down with Kalamazoo College President Eileen Wilson-Oyelaran before she retires at the end of the month. And we talk with Gongwer News Service Editor Zach Gorchow about the chances of a Donald Trump victory in Michigan. 


Wisconsin Public Radio

Gongwer News Service Editor Zach Gorchow says he doesn’t see how the numbers add up to a Donald Trump victory in Michigan. But he tried to come with a scenario where Trump could at least get within striking distance.