LGBT Rights
8:15 am
Thu November 13, 2014

WSW: Battle for Gay Rights Continues After Legal Setback

Credit Benson Kua/Wikimedia Commons


Last week brought a federal appeals court decision upholding Michigan's ban on same-sex marriage. 

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Wolf Hunt
4:21 pm
Wed November 12, 2014

WSW: Wolf Hunting Science and Politics

Gray Wolf at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in the Upper Peninsula
Credit Seney Natural History Association/Wikimedia Commons


The co-founder of the International Wolf Center says wolf hunting continues to be clouded by politics. 

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November 10, 2014
8:58 am
Mon November 10, 2014

WestSouthwest November 10, 2014

Chris Hickey and his dog Scipio
Credit Chris Hickey

 On WestSouthwest, the case for investing in preschool and veterans sharing their stories at Western Michigan University. 


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Veterans' Stories
8:47 am
Mon November 10, 2014

WSW: Stories from Barracks to the Front

Veterans Park in Kalamazoo - file photo
Credit WMUK


Western Michigan University senior Chris Hickey says "the true story of war will be forever locked in the hearts and minds of those that went through it." 

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Early Childhood Education
7:37 am
Mon November 10, 2014

WSW: Making an Investment in Preschool

File photo of a teacher and student at a preschool in Seattle in October. On November fourth, Seattle voters approved a $58-million property tax levy to fund subsidized preschool
Credit The Associated Press


Upjohn Institute Economist Tim Bartik says high quality preschool help kids get ready for kindergarten and beyond. 

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