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Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University trustees are scheduled to approve tuition rates for the coming academic year when they meet Wednesday. 

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  A member of Western Michigan University's Board of Trustees has died.

University officials say Ronald Hall, Senior, passed away early Wednesday, June 1, after an extended illness. He was 72.

Governor Rick Snyder appointed Hall to Western's Board in 2012. It's up to the governor to pick someone to fill out the rest of his term, which expires in 2020.

Western Michigan University

French Composer Michel Legrand has been given an honorary degree by Western Michigan University. 


(MPRN-Lansing) The University of Michigan Board of Regents, and other public university boards, are allowed to meet behind closed doors as long as they’re not taking formal votes, according to a decision just handed down by the Michigan Court of Appeals.

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Western Michigan University invests very little of its money in fossil fuel companies. That’s the finding of a panel that has studied the environmental impact of the university’s investments.

The committee's report was one of several items the Board of Trustees considered on Thursday.

The panel says that while the university owns no stock in fossil fuel companies, a small amount of the cash the university puts in investment funds does go to unsustainable energy. But faculty member Tom Edmonds, who serves on the panel, says it found the amount was less than one percent of Western’s operating cash.