WMU Board of Trustees

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University has decided that the campus would be easier to navigate if the streets didn’t change their names so often. On Tuesday Western’s Board of Trustees voted to drop many of the street names in place when campus was built.


Western Michigan University President John Dunn says he’s not convinced that allowing community colleges to offer more four year degrees is a good idea. 

Western Michigan University

Tuition is going up just over 4% at Western Michigan University this fall. The Board of Trustees approved the increase at their meeting Wednesday morning. 

Western Michigan University

Western Michigan University trustees are scheduled to approve tuition rates for the coming academic year when they meet Wednesday. 

WMU University Relations

  A member of Western Michigan University's Board of Trustees has died.

University officials say Ronald Hall, Senior, passed away early Wednesday, June 1, after an extended illness. He was 72.

Governor Rick Snyder appointed Hall to Western's Board in 2012. It's up to the governor to pick someone to fill out the rest of his term, which expires in 2020.