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Protesters at WMU's flagpoles
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About 50 students gathered Thursday afternoon at Western Michigan University to protest the election of Donald Trump as president. 

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Last month, “Why’s That?” found itself with a stumper about pavement on a certain block of Kalamazoo’s Michigan Avenue. For listeners who haven't slept well since then, today we have an answer. Then we find out what Michigan Avenue, which used to be called Main Street, has to do with a famous novel.

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Kalamazoo County’s top election official says he doesn’t expect issues with voter harassment on election day. But he says if anyone does intimidate voters, election officials will put a stop to it.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has urged supporters to go to the polls to watch for signs of vote fraud. That’s raised concerns about the potential for harassment. Further complicating things, in Michigan voters with the right permits can legally bring their guns to the polls.

Andy Robins / WMUK

The committee in charge of finding Western Michigan University's next president says the search process will be confidential. It says that means no public presentations on campus by finalists. It says that's necessary to make sure that it has the widest and most diverse pool of candidates to consider.

The search may be confidential but the committee also announced on Friday, Nov. 4, that the process will not be closed.

Kalamazoo County health officials say a restaurant in Schoolcraft is involved in a national recall of frozen strawberries contaminated by hepatitis-A. They say Marjo's received some of the affected berries during the last two weeks.

No cases of the disease have been reported in the county linked to the recall. But county officials say diners who ate strawberries at the restaurant in the last 14 days should get hepatitis-A vaccinations as soon as possible.