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A truck hauls dirt to a corner of Top Grade Site Management's Salem Pit in Dorr. Top Grade says this pit is similar to the one proposed in Richland Township.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

It’s safe to say most people would rather not have a gravel mine in their back yard. They’re noisy and dusty. And large trucks create traffic jams as they drive in and out of the pit. We may not like gravel mines, but experts say we need them. The country’s infrastructure is crumbling - and it will take trillions of dollars and a lot of sand and gravel to fix it. That will likely lead to more conflicts with residents.

LM Otero / AP Photo

Western Michigan University ended its football season with a loss Monday. The Broncos fell to Wisconsin 24-to-16 in the Cotton Bowl at Arlington, Texas.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Kalamazoo County is looking into the possibility of creating a countywide ID program. On Tuesday commissioners voted 10-1 to create a task force to study the idea.

Supporters say it would give people who lack a state ID a way to access services from banking to borrowing from the library.

“You need it for daily life, every aspect of our lives. Not having an ID is almost like not having a name,” Yazmin Fuentes told the board on Tuesday.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

City of Kalamazoo water customers will pay a bit extra for that service starting next year. On Monday commissioners agreed to increase water service fees and the per-gallon price of city water by eight percent. Under the new rate the average one-family household in the city will pay about $1 per month extra.

The city says it needs the additional money to ensure that it can deliver safe drinking water over the long term.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Western Michigan University president John Dunn has received one last raise before retirement. On Tuesday Western’s board agreed to increase Dunn’s salary by three percent, retroactive to last July, to about $410,000.