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Lawmakers: Economic Growth Could Help Fix Roads

May 15, 2015
Kevin Lavery / WKAR

Economists say Michigan has more than a $200 million budget surplus this year. They say revenues will continue to grow in the coming years as the economy improves. Republican state lawmakers say that supports their plan to use projected growth in the state budget to fix Michigan’s roads.

But state Budget Director John Roberts says it’s still too early to tell how much money will be available long-term.

LuckyStarr / Wikimedia Commons

Most beer gets some of its flavor from a shaggy green flower called hops. The booming craft brewing industry uses lots of them. But growers say sight and smell aren’t enough to prove a hop crop’s quality. Instead, at Western Michigan University there’s a lab for that.

Robbie Feinberg

For decades, farms in Michigan have raised hops to create that distinctive bitter flavor in your beer. Nearly all of those farms have been tiny -- just one or two acre plots. Now, though, that model is changing, fast. As the market for craft beer in Michigan keeps exploding, hops farms are growing, too. And they're changing what it means for a beer to be truly "made in Michigan."

iStock/Svetlana Larina

U.S. Senator Gary Peters says students who default on a student loan deserve a chance to clear their credit rating.

Helping Michigan Vets on Campus

May 12, 2015
Mike Lanka / WMU University Relations

Military veterans moving from the front line to the classroom can get help from the Department of Veterans Affairs. But while there’s a myriad of benefits for them, the process of getting them can be intimidating. Fortunately, student veterans in southern Michigan have direct access to an expert from the VA right on campus.