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There was a prayer vigil Sunday night organized by Kalamazoo area churches to remember the six people killed over the weekend in a shooting spree. 

Western Michigan University students say they’re disappointed by the university’s lack of response to the Kalamazoo mass shooting. On Saturday night, Jason Brian Dalton of Kalamazoo opened fire at three locations in the area - a townhome, a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Texas Township, and the Seeyle Kia.

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A house bill decried by preservationists around the state might drop some of its more controversial provisions this week. Sponsors have drafted a revised version that removes, among other things, a “sunset clause” that would have required a vote every 10 years to renew an historic district.

Representative Chris Afendoulis is the bill’s primary sponsor.

“We wanted to raise the bar in terms of creation of historic districts,” he says of his reasons for introducing the bill.

WMU Wants 50 Percent Increase In Study Abroad

Feb 19, 2016
Study abroad peer advisor, Joshua Place, took this picture on his trip to Germany.
Joshua Place

  By 2019, Western Michigan University hopes to see a 50 percent increase in the number of students studying abroad. But what will that mean for students juggling the cost of tuition, living expenses, and more? Western is already creating new programs to make studying abroad easier.

The EPA's current plan for Allied Paper Landfill
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We don’t yet know if Kalamazoo’s Allied Paper Landfill can be cleaned up using microorganisms. The company that wants to do that, BioPath Solutions, is still testing its product. But if BioPath gets the go-ahead from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, it might remove the waste. Many residents have said that’s what they want. But they would also have to deal with some noise and some unpleasant smells.