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Attorneys married to members of the military may find it easier to get work in Michigan. The state House passed a pair of bills to admit military spouses to the Michigan Bar without having to take the bar exam. 

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Michigan’s alert system for public threats - such as mass shootings and terrorist attacks - is up and running. Governor Rick Snyder signed the bill to create the alerts into law in June. The system was set up in response to the February shooting spree by an Uber driver in Kalamazoo.

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Kalamazoo County is looking into claims that its veterans’ office was critically understaffed for two weeks.

The county once had two employees who could help veterans apply for federal benefits, but one of them left recently. When the other took a vacation, Commissioner Mike Seals says the office was down to one clerk who cannot help with Veterans Administration benefits.

Seals says that’s unacceptable.


Actor, writer and Marine Veteran Benjamin Busch says people who serve in the military come from different backgrounds and have different experiences while they serve. But he says that’s not always the public perception.

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Bicyclists have a right to five feet of space between themselves and a passing car: So says the Kalamazoo City Commission, which voted unanimously to adopt a five-foot passing rule for bikes Monday evening.

While the city traffic engineer had said three feet was better, the commission decided that wasn’t enough room for a car to safely pass a bicycle.