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Talons Out Honor Flight for Vets Expands

Sep 7, 2016
Jerry Malec / WMUK

What started out as a mission to take World War Two veterans from southwest Michigan to see their national memorial in Washington is growing. It now includes veterans of the Korean War. The Talons Out Honor Flight takes vets to the nation’s capital free of charge. But like any non-profit, Talons Out runs on donations and volunteers. And the expansion means it needs more help.


The Kalamazoo City Commission says five feet is probably safer than three when it comes to cars passing bikes. It’s considering a proposal that’s meant to protect cyclists by giving them some space as cars move by.

The city traffic engineer had recommended a three-foot passing zone, saying five feet might be hard to accommodate on some streets. But on Tuesday a majority of commissioners agreed that three feet between a bike and a passing car was not enough.

James MacPherson / AP Photo

Members of a Michigan Indian tribe are heading west to help fight a controversial oil pipeline. The Gun Lake Band of Potawatomi says some members of the tribe based in Allegan County will go to North Dakota. It says they'll help support efforts by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to block the Dakota Access Pipeline project.

Andy Robins / WMUK

Western Michigan University unveils its newest student cafeteria Thursday, September 1.

Kenna checks a creek near F.C. Reed Middle School in Bridgman
Rebecca Thiele/WMUK

So far this year 25 public beaches on Lake Michigan have had closures due to high bacteria levels. As sewers and septic tanks age, they can leak human waste into streams and lakes - which can make people sick. Some cities and towns are trying to fix this old infrastructure.

But there’s a problem - how do you find out which pipes are leaking? A company founded in Michigan, Environmental Canine Services, uses dogs to sniff out wastewater.