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Several members of the Kalamazoo City Commission say they’re excited about a plan to fix the city’s budget with private money, though others have expressed reservations. Donors have offered Kalamazoo $70 million to shore up its finances and lower taxes for a few years, with a possible permanent endowment to follow.

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Western Michigan University President John Dunn says he plans to retire next summer. Dunn announced Monday that he’ll step down at the end of June next year. He’s been Western’s president for ten years. After he retires, Dunn will serve as “President Emeritus” for another year. He says that will include working on projects and issues identified by university trustees and the new president. Dunn says his goal in his new role is to be "helpful but not intrusive."

Donors Offer City Tens of Millions for Budget

Jul 29, 2016
Sehvilla Mann

The City of Kalamazoo might have found a fix for its budget problems – at least for the next few years, but possibly beyond that. On Thursday, leaders announced that private donors have offered the city $70 million. That would put Kalamazoo’s finances on solid ground for three years.

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Voters in Kalamazoo County face two primary contests for the office of sheriff August 2. One of the issues in the race is the relationship between law enforcement and the county’s minority residents.

Bronson Park Is A Pokemon Go Hot Spot In Kalamazoo

Jul 28, 2016
Ryan Skryd

Pokémon Go: it’s the latest craze in mobile games where you can catch Pokémon “in real life”. It’s drawing people outdoors and to Kalamazoo’s downtown. Even local business owners are taking notice - setting up shop in popular PokéStops to attract new customers.