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Downtown Kalamazoo business owners have to follow special rules when they build a new building or make big changes in an old one.

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No confidence: that’s the result of a preliminary voice vote the Western Michigan University faculty union held today on university provost Tim Greene. The vote will continue until Monday afternoon while the union gathers electronic ballots from members.

The union has vigorously protested the provost’s recent decision not to reappoint Alex Enyedi as dean of the college of arts and sciences. But Greene sent a letter to faculty this week saying that he would not change his mind.

Among other reasons he cited what he said was Enyedi's "opposition to a leadership directive."

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

The Western Michigan University Board of Trustees made appointments, welcomed a new member and faced a controversy at its first meeting of 2015 Thursday.


State Representative Jon Hoadley says as now, he would recommend voters approve a 1% increase in the sales tax. 


State Representative Aric Nesbitt says nobody like raising taxes, but he says the citizens of Michigan will have a voice in deciding how to pay for road repairs.