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About 20 people gathered in front of Kalamazoo City Hall Monday evening to say they want to see more women in elected office. In particular, they said, they want to see more women serve on the Kalamazoo City Commission. The only female incumbent, Barb Miller, is not running again.


(MPRN-Mackinac Island) Many Michigan Republicans spent the weekend on Mackinac Island, where they enjoyed fine dining and cocktail receptions, listened to the campaign pitches of five presidential candidates, and plotted the future of their party. And it was done mostly without the rancor that’s marked other Republican gatherings in recent years. 

Robbie Feinberg

On September 20th, Tillers International in Scotts will hold its annual Harvest Fest. Most years, the event is a celebration of local food and local farming. And a lot of that – the food, the music, the blacksmithing and wood working – that’s still there. But this year’s event is different. For the first time, Tillers is emphasizing its own efforts to teach old-fashioned farming techniques, both in the states and internationally.

The Otsego Township Dam
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

A coalition of federal and state environmental agencies wants to remove two dams near Otsego. The Kalamazoo River natural resource trustees say removing the Otsego City Dam and the Otsego Township Dam will improve habitat for wildlife and increase recreation along the Kalamazoo River. 

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Despite objections from activists, residents, and local officials, the controversial Lantern Fest will still take place later this month at the Kalamazoo Speedway.