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Western Michigan University president John Dunn has received one last raise before retirement. On Tuesday Western’s board agreed to increase Dunn’s salary by three percent, retroactive to last July, to about $410,000.

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With the healthiest financial outlook it’s enjoyed in years, the City of Kalamazoo might add staff with its next budget.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

The future home of the health department, the county's high mortality rate among African-American infants and Administrator Moored's contract were also on the commission's agenda Tuesday.

Kalamazoo County voters must decide whether unified 911 dispatch is worth a few extra dollars on their phone bills.

On Tuesday commissioners voted 8-3 to put the question on the ballot in May. If it passes, residents would pay as much as $2.30 per month per phone toward consolidated dispatch.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

City of Kalamazoo water service will probably cost a little more next year. Staff have proposed to raise the service charge and the per-gallon cost of water by eight percent. A typical one-family household in the city would see its water bill go up about a dollar a month.

An assortment of microplastics
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

One year after the United States banned microbeads - the small plastic particles you might see in a face scrub - scientists are now turning their attention to microfibers - hairlike plastics in our clothing.

Both types of plastic have been cluttering up oceans, rivers, and lakes. But clothing and personal care products aren’t the biggest sources of microplastics. Scientists are having a hard time finding out what these microplastics are and where they come from.