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Western Michigan University’s trustees have approved a $28 million bond issue to fund two construction projects. The Board made the unanimous decision at its regular meeting today.

The university would use most of the money to finish building the new Valley Dining Center. It would spend a portion of the funds on the alumni center going up on East Campus.

Western says it might also pay debt from old bonds out of the new bond issue, if "market conditions" permit.

The mail processing plant on 9th Street in Oshtemo Township
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You might have noticed that your letters and bills aren’t reaching their destinations as fast as they used to. That’s because the United States Postal Service changed its delivery standards in January. It now takes two days for an average First Class letter to arrive instead of one.

Courtesy Native Traits

Michigan corn can be a tricky business. Parts of Southwest Michigan are considered the seed corn capital of the United States. But problems like drought and falling grain prices in recent years have left farmers scrambling to just make a profit. One Kalamazoo entrepreneur, however, is pushing beyond genetically modified food to fix the problem, and instead is looking to the past.

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U.S. Senator Gary Peters says proposed bi-partisan legislation would help reduce government spending in a common sense fashion. 


The City of Kalamazoo is making a special effort to interest people in next year’s city budget.

Those discussions usually don’t draw crowds to city hall. But Kalamazoo expects its 2016 budget to fall about three million dollars short. And it says it needs to hear from people on which services they value most.

One place the city plans to collect input is on a newly launched website, ImagineKalamazoo.com.