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Michigan Waits on Marriage Decision

Apr 29, 2015
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(MPRN-Washington D.C.) Michigan is now waiting for the US Supreme Court to make its decision on same-sex marriage bans like the one adopted by voters 11 years ago. 

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(MPRN-Washington D.C.) - Crowds gathered as the US Supreme Court prepared to arguments on whether same-sex marriage bans like Michigan’s violate the Constitution. A line of people camped out for several days hoping to get into the historic arguments before the Supreme Court. 

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Congressman Dan Kildee says there should be a better way to store nuclear waste. The Democrat from Flint says a proposed facility in Canada isn't a good answer.

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State Senator Judy Emmons says it's hard to gather data on human trafficking because "it's so deeply hidden." Emmons spoke to WMUK ahead of two public forums Monday with human trafficking survivors. One in Lawrence and one in Grand Rapids. 

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When Michigan’s Native American tribes end up in the headlines, it often revolves around casinos. But there’s a lot more to the story. In Southwest Michigan, tribes are starting to inject their casino revenue into brand new businesses, like architecture and renewable energy.