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Robbie Feinberg

Ever since Michigan farmers first discovered that certain wine grapes could grow in the fields of Southwest Michigan back in the 1970s, they’ve searched for ways to sell it. Now, the state’s Wine and Grape Industry Council is looking into a potential certification program for “sustainable” wineries and vineyards. But simply defining sustainability can be difficult, let alone certifying it.

Portage Public Schools / WMUK

As early as November, the Portage Public Schools could ask voters to approve several major building projects. The Board of Education is months away from a final proposal. It could build several new or remodeled middle and elementary schools as well as new pools and stadiums. The district might also close one of its middle schools. And that raises concerns for at least one parent.

KVCC Launches Cell Tower Academy

Feb 26, 2015
Newkirk Electric

Next month, Kalamazoo Valley Community College will start a new Cell Tower Technician Academy at its Groves Campus. The six-week program in cooperation with Muskegon-based Newkirk Electric Company will train students to build and maintain cell phone towers.

With the rise in popularity of cell phones has come an increase in demand for the workers who build and maintain cell telephone towers. Tom Sutton is the Director of Wind, Energy and Technology at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.

AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Earlier this month, State Rep. Al Pscholka (R-Stevensville) introduced legislation to fast-track the elimination of the Venture Michigan Fund. It’s designed to invest in venture capital firms around Michigan, that in turn, help them invest in growing businesses and hopefully create jobs. The fund has already had a large impact on the state, but there are worries about how it could affect the state’s budget in the future.

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

The Kalamazoo County Parks Department saw several projects advance in the last year.