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Brandy Joe Plambeck

Emilio Rodriguez is this year’s guest of honor at the annual Theatre Kalamazoo New Play Festival, February 3rd and 4th at the Judy K. Jolliffe Theatre (formerly known as the Epic Center Theatre). He’s known for telling lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender stories - especially from the perspective of people of color. 

Dr. Jacqueline Eng analyzes bones of Kyang Cave, Nar-Phu Valley, Nepal.
Liesel Clark

This month, a Western Michigan University bio-anthropologist was featured on the PBS show NOVA, in an episode called “Secrets of the Sky Tombs.” Jacqueline Eng studies ancient cliff-side tombs in Nepal. By looking at the bones and teeth, Eng and other anthropologists are trying to find out more about the health and cultural heritage of the people buried there. 


courtesy of Don Julin

Don Julin is considered to be one of the most accomplished mandolin players in the country. You’ve probably already heard his work. He’s had compositions on NPR, HBO, VH1, MTV, NBC, Showtime, Bravo, and National Geographic Explorer - just to name a few.

Julin will headline the The Americana Roots Festival on January 14th at 7 p.m. at the Franke Center for the Arts in Marshall. 

Kathryn Morton Parker as Aurora in Sleeping Beauty
Once Upon A Princess

What's it like working as a princess? We aimed to find out. The Kalamazoo company Once Upon A Princess lets you rent a princess, prince, or superhero for a child’s birthday party or any number of events.

Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

Coughing - the bane of the live, classical recording. No matter what you do, if you pack hundreds of people into a quiet room - someone is bound to cough.