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Allen Buhl (left) helps to flatten out the bottom of a glass pumpkin that Philip Dawson (right) is making at Glass Art Kalamazoo in 2015.
Rebecca Thiele, WMUK

The West Michigan Glass Art Center has been closed for about a year to settle its roughly $60,000 debt. Starting next week it will reopen to the public - with a new name and a new look. But the recently renamed Glass Art Kalamazoo still has an uncertain future. 

Earlene McMichael / WMUK

If you've noticed increased community collaborations, youth programming and involvement of local artists at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts, it's been intentional. Belinda Tate marks her second-year anniversary as the organization's executive director next month. She says she's sought to make the KIA a "community resource" and a center of creativity. The KIA also has extended hours, and now is open at every Art Hop

Sehvilla Mann / WMUK

Frank Lloyd Wright liked mahogany, and on a bright day it’s easy to see why. The wood shimmers and glows yellow-orange in the sun. Wright used lots of mahogany on the Galesburg house he custom-designed for Curtis and Lillian Meyer in 1948.

A few years ago though, the wood on the house’s outside would not have looked so nice.

One of the panels depicting paper mill pollution in Kalamazoo
Bonus Saves

You’ve probably seen at least one of Patrick Hershberger’s works around Kalamazoo. Hershberger is also known by the name Bonus Saves. He likes to paint murals of animals, landscapes, and his signature images of skull bunnies - which look like skeletons wearing bunny suits. 

What Makes Great Barbecue?

Aug 12, 2016
Ryan Skryd

Professional cooks from around the country come to Kalamazoo's Ribfest every August to battle for the best barbecue rib awards. All of them have original recipes and specific cooking methods. With so many different ideas of what makes barbecue barbecue, there’s sure to be differences of opinion.