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A photo from Ribfest 2015. Ribfest and Blues Fest still take place at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place.
Kayla Kiley

At a glance, it looks as though Kalamazoo’s festivals are leaving Arcadia Creek Festival site in droves. Over the past two years, Irish Fest moved to Old Dog Tavern. Island Fest moved to Mayor’s Riverfront Park. Taste of Kalamazoo is on hiatus. Greek Fest used to offer days of food and music. Now it will be a sit down dinner for just a thousand people. All of these festivals took place at Arcadia Creek Festival site downtown. 

Brandon Stacy (Spock), Brian Gross (Kirk) and Jeff Bond (McCoy) on the bridge of the Enterprise.
Garth Gullekson/Retro Films Studios

Star Trek Beyond opens in movie theaters nationwide July 22. It's the latest entry in a franchise that started on NBC-TV way back in 1966. No other TV show has energized fans and powered spin-offs and "reboots" over the last half-century like it has. Two Kalamazoo Star Trek fans think they know why.

'Yer Out' by Fletcher Ransom
Robert Edward Auctions

Earlier this summer, a baseball painting by a Michigan artist sold for 48 thousand dollars at auction. The 1915 painting “Yer Out” by Fletcher Ransom shows a player for the Pittsburgh Pirates trying to steal home plate, but the New York Giants’ catcher is too quick and tags the runner out. 

Clashing Steel With The Stage

Jul 14, 2016
Ryan Skryd

Have you ever wondered if that prop sword used in the heroic fighting scene of a play is real? Artist Jon Reeves of Kalamazoo has created countless steel props for plays over his 40 years in theater production.

Jingle dress dancers at the 1st Annual Sweet Grass Moon Pow Wow
Jesse Pigeon

A few weeks ago, kids at the Gun Lake Tribe’s summer camp in Hopkins gathered around to learn a traditional round dance before the tribe’s Sweet Grass Moon Pow Wow this weekend. The pow wow means a lot to the tribe. After all, the Gun Lake Tribe wasn’t federally recognized until the late 1990s - the last of the three Potawatomi bands in this area to achieve that status.